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Your Emotional Detox is Key to Emotional Mastery

Release, Rewire, Renew.

Di Merrick

Emotions impact What a detox can do

Health – releasing blockages helps heal your body

Business – Emotional change from struggle to success

Relationships – live in harmony with those around you

Mental Health – Emotions fuel your thoughts

Money – when you ignite your self-worth you’ll be paid more.

Do you find yourself getting triggered into an emotional spiral, living with pain, struggling to focus your mind, constantly having negative thoughts? Maybe you feel lost or that you don't fit in? Perhaps you've tried talk based therapies with little or no effect?

Emotions fuel the mind!

Your Emotional Detox is the solution to break free from deeply ingrained default patterns and pain.

Emotional Healing facilitates change.
Emotional Mastery is the Key to Living the Life You Truly Want.
Are you ready to learn Di Merrick's revolutionary technique, called 'Emotional Release'?

A Fast, Simple and Lasting approach to discover Freedom and Ease so that you can be the person you want to be.

Emotional Detox for Business, Career and Money.

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Do you want more quality clients?

Is business slow and hard work?
Are you being paid too little?
Do you worry about money?
Do you want to feel respected?
Would you like staff that have the passion you do?
Have you lost your passion or feel lost or confused?

Do you feel that you’re in the wrong job and feel stuck?

Do you want a year’s worth of salary in your bank account?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, your emotional default patterns are holding you back. For more information or details of the upcoming 12 week – Business and Career Mastery program.

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“It’s so simple, but my goodness the effect is profound and life changing. It’s so liberating.” (Bev. U 2016)

“She has helped me so much, in the past, I was at my lowest ever! She picked me up and helped me deal with so much”. Judith Willett (May 2023)

“Now I have the tools to work through these myself thanks to Di's amazing work. I'll be forever grateful, Di has changed my life xx” (C. Hillion. 2020

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Having gained a first class honours degree in education in the year 2000, Di’s life took a traumatic turn, where she wasn’t permitted any professional help, read her story that culminated in unlocking a technique that mastered her emotions and the journey to transform the lives of others caught in the trap of emotional pain.

My technique Is Fast, Easy, Lasting and Life Changing.

mountains covered with fog
Our Emotions are designed as feedback, whether something ‘feels’ right for you or not.

What if you could transform your life with a Fast, Simple and Lasting technique?

Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or can’t shift how you feel?

Do you feel alone or struggle to talk about what you’re feeling?

Are you in pain and have been told there is nothing wrong, that it’s all in your head?

They can be a warning signal, or a ‘do more’ signal, but often this feedback gets entangled, stuck and becomes what we call Emotional Default Patterns.

Emotions not only affect how you feel, they affect your mental wellness and physical wellness.

Do you want to feel, lighter, calmer, freer, proactive and more confident?

What if you had more energy, more enthusiasm, more confidence?

What if the pain you feel is gone what if you felt well?

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