Grief Testimonials


After the very first session, I felt very different, like I’d had layers lifted from me.

I felt lighter, able to cope better with my situation, the second session increased again.

I’d had 6 months of bereavement counselling before, which helped but I still knew I was still holding onto grief.

I feel at peace now and feel acceptance as I worked through my grief relating to the loss of mum and dad, but the most profound realisation was that I was also grieving my brother who is still alive. He’d immigrated 27 years ago and I had no idea I was still grieving him not being around.

I highly recommend Di, don’t waste any more time thinking about how you’re going to deal with it. Contact Di, I’m so glad I did. (Yvonne Jeffries 2022)

Working with Di has been incredible.

I lost my brother back in 1996, and both my parents in 2011. At the time my parents were ill and then died I had incredible support and bereavement counselling at the hospice that cared for them.

The counselling I thought at the time good, but now realise how much hurt and anxiety I was holding onto. How much it has impacted me. Just talking didn’t allow me to really let go.

Di helped me to release this. I will always be so grateful for her help and support. (Maria P. 2022)

"Grief" - after first session.

Di, You do have an amazing gift. I didn’t drink and had a decent nights sleep. Only waking twice. Look forward to Monday ✨⭐✨

Thank you 🙏 x


Less than a year before working with Di I lost my mother. This was by far the most earth shattering of losses in my life, a life that had already experienced many very close and personal losses.

For the first time I decided to reach out for some help in navigating and taming the tsunami of emotions that would often overwhelm me, rendering me unable to function normally.

Working with Di was a no brainer - I felt completely comfortable and supported in the safe space she created for our sessions. To say that the sessions went deep would be an understatement. Through Di’s unique abilities I journeyed back through the years of my life uncovering and releasing layers of grief and hurt that went beyond the loss of my mother but that all definitely contributed to the enormity of what I was experiencing through losing her. Thanks to working with Di I am able to reflect on the themes in my life much more objectively rather than dive into the pain, hurt, low self worth and guilt that would have been triggered in the past.

In the course of 18 months since losing my mother I have also lost four more very special people from my life. Had I not done the work with Di I doubt that I would have been able to move into a state of acceptance as well as I have. As someone who has always had a very strong inner critic and run the themes of guilt about not being enough, not doing enough etc. that has been a major achievement. I can for the most part sit in the presence of the losses and feel the love and gratitude that I have for those that touched and shared parts of my life with me.

Of course I miss my mother’s physical presence - deeply, and maybe that will never go away, but I now have the tools to lean into the less constructive emotions when they come up and change the experience of them to acceptance, grace and love.

There are times in our lives when we just can’t and shouldn’t do it “all on our own”! The hardest step for me was accepting that I needed some help. Once that step was taken Di provided the structure, support and her unique expertise that guided me safely through the release of more than I knew was there! If you are reading this because you are also navigating the complexities and overwhelm of grief and trying to decide what to do, know that you are not alone. Journeying through it with Di’s help was the best thing I did, and could be for you too. Be kind to yourself xx Sylvana