Over the last 20 years, Di Merrick has guided countless individuals to achieve remarkable results, across all aspects of their lives - Professionally, Personally, Physically and of course Emotionally. Here are testimonials from just a few of them.

Here's what some of our customers say


“It’s so simple, but my goodness the effect is profound and life changing. It’s so liberating.”

(Bev. U 2016)


“I did an intensive period of emotional release therapy which helped to ease anxiety and allow me to let go of the past and finally be able to live in the present moment.”

(L. Jenkins 2022)


"Di came into my life at a time of need. I did an intensive period of emotional release therapy which helped to ease anxiety and allow me to let go of the past and finally be able to live in the present moment. I am able to see things now in a more positive way.

Di has taught me how to connect and trust o adjust your mental and physical behaviour to be more in alignment with it, and creative a happier environment for yourself."

(Lauren 2021).

"Anxiety & Low Mood"

“I was suffering a lot with anxiety and low-mood, from things that had happened in my life. Previously I had some counselling, it didn’t help, it didn’t work for me. I was told I had post-natal depression and a form of OCD, like traumatic stress disorder.

I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, it was straight away. I let go of emotions that I needed to. My thought processes are different now, I think about things a lot different. I would 100% recommend it,– thank you.

I’m really happy, I’m more positive, I understand where I didn’t before, where I would feel sad and hurt and almost numb, I feel I have let go of all that, Everybody, family friends and partner have noticed a big change in me, I’m happy. My confidence has improved and we haven’t worked on that. My migraines have improved because I don’t feel the tension anymore. I value myself now, I want to feel healthier because I care about myself. I’m happy inside.” (S.R. 2020) READ MORE

"Anxiety and Relationships"

“Before I started with Di I was out of breath, not able to catch my breath, not being able to talk, feeling sick, being sick, tears – a lot of tears. Anxiety based through work and life, I didn’t feel emotionally in control at all. I tried counselling, not helped much, it like made me go over things constantly going over past trauma that had happened – it didn’t help. Working with Di now, 4 sessions, it’s like a weight’s been lifted, like I can breathe. I picture like a tube that goes from heart to stomach, before it was blocked and twisted, now it’s clear from the gut all the way through my throat and straight out – it’s clear. Going back to work it’s good, terrifying to start with, but good, I’m glad I’m back at work, I’m enjoying work, it’s alright, I didn’t notice it. People at work were saying, you’re going to be really tired this week, but it wasn’t I was no different, I had enough energy.

Before at home I was on my own and I didn’t want to be. I felt like shit, awful, no support, no one to talk to, no one to turn to, horrible. Now, I feel like if I need to have an open conversation with both Dad or (his partner), I could now. I feel like it’s easier now, relationship with Dad is good, back to where it was. I think we understand each other, where I would have lost my shit, now I talk through it calmly.

3 biggest takeaways – not having such a negative perspective on things, positive relationship with Dad – not having my trauma and the shit that’s gone on, make me who I am – because It’s not me , it’s not.

If anyone was thinking of working with their emotions, what would you say. Do it, I think it’s great. I love it, the feeling after – I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like you can walk better, breathe better, yeah. I smile more – all the time yeah. I’m less reactive to things, I now laugh at, ignore or get on with it.”

(Liv. E.2023)

Business Mentorship Testimonials

What has business Mentorship done for you? “It’s given me stability, it’s being excited again, feeling more like my old self. Having that energy and that passion and excitement. It’s regaining your confidence being in a safe place, and talking to someone with how you feel emotionally, how it’s rocked your life. I was absolutely surprised that a lot of my business issues were related to my life issues, I didn’t realise how much my childhood had affected my adult life, not being able to achieve anything. Yes massively. You don’t realise until someone points it out to you.

(Y. Jeffries 2024) READ MORE

During Lockdown, my equestrian training business came to a standstill, but so did I. I spent 6 months on my back awaiting spinal surgery, and my business almost folded. I really don’t think I would be here if I hadn’t reached out to Di. Following her program for both my health and my business was life-changing. I had no idea, that ‘not feeling good enough’, ‘feeling lost and never fitting in’ would be impacting my business. The root cause was early years at

school, I struggled then and those emotions were still there and they were impacting my business. I spent Lockdown researching other options, and found a business (Salt Therapy for equines), that not only complemented my coaching it fitted in well with my timetable too. Di’s business course taught me to let go of some emotions, and activate others, it taught me the confidence to ask, to expect value for money; so when I purchased the equipment, I was asked if I wanted to buy a new machine or a return of a new machine. It cost me 1/3 less than the price of a new one and it hadn’t been used. How cool is that. Also, the day after the operation I was walking, I know that I had released the fear, doing the emotional work helped me so much. I’ve got more clients, more money and feel valued, thank you Di x.(Lisa 2021)

Case Study Back in 2014 a client’s husband was asking what I did. He was interested in personal development and listened intently about how emotions affect our work-life.

During our first session he told me that in his current job he was feeling underpaid, undervalued and not respected. He was a well-qualified engineer, but was poorly paid always got the mundane jobs and was expected to do unsociable hours.

We worked through many emotional patterns, his self-worth, self-confidence, fears and frustration and many more. Three weeks later he had applied to another company for a senior role. ‘Help I’m nervous!’ This provided the opportunity to look at interview techniques and that nerves and butterflies of excitement are very similar feelings. He phoned me on the evening after the interview, he had not only been offered the job, the salary which he asked for (which was £20k more than what he was earning at the time) was denied. This company told him, this is what we pay for this position, he left the interview with a job offer and a salary which was over double his current salary, and a company car. He was ecstatic.

The story you may think would end there – well, with all my training, it lasts. Two years later I saw him. Di he said, I’ve been head-hunted. A company close to home wants me, there’s no interview, they have offered double my current salary and a top of the range car. I’m home before 5:30 each night so I have time with my family too.

You may think the story ends there – I saw him just after lockdown. Enquiring what he does now, he said he is self-employed contracting with his old employer for 5 days a month, has a three day work week and earns as much in a week as he did in a month.

Would you like to work on your emotions to catapult your career and business and allow others to see the value in you?

“I can't believe how much better I'm feeling and can see that I'm approaching life from a different, more positive perspective. My stress and anxiety levels have lowered considerably, despite a challenging week at work.” (Vanessa 2017)

Di has helped me personally release restrictions which have enabled me to manifest what I want personally and professionally with more focused deliberation. Di has also introduced me to concepts and teachers/teachings which have helped me develop my own skills and this has had a profound impact on my life both professionally and personally. I recommend Di to my employees, friends, family and colleagues if they want to positively change their life for the better! Becky Smith. July 2018

In 2015, I found myself in a sticky situation I asked Di if she’d be able to help me. I was pregnant with my 2nd child when my long serving stable job as a civil servant was in jeopardy. Upon returning from maternity leave I was told that my office would be closing and that I could either take redundancy or move to an office much further away. The stress and anxiety took over my life, I couldn’t think straight, I had so many ‘what if’s’ I had no idea what to do. Di’s work allowed me to calm my mind and feel less anxious, Di then guided me to dig deep. I found what I really did want in my life and then to focus on that. Complete lack of confidence and so much fear stopped me from ever pursuing my dream job, but with Di helping me to release the fear, I took the redundancy and followed my dream of working with horses. She explained how I should value myself and expect more - even to the redundancy - which was to the exact penny that I valued myself too, I couldn't believe it as it allowed me to pay for the 2 years training course.

Since then I've used all the techniques that Di showed me! I have built a thriving successful business from this which fits around my family, and life. Most days I can collect my boys from school and still earn way more money than the 9-5 office. What Di did for me didn’t just help me in that particular instance- she gave me tools, incredible, invaluable tools to apply in every area of my life and set me on a journey to live a life more connected to myself ❤ I’d never be able to thank her enough, Di’s a one off, very special lady and has become a treasured friend, to whom her services I recommend to anyone wanting to change their lives for the better ❤ (Bev Upton 2024)

I met Di 8 years ago, not knowing who I was or how my thoughts and emotions worked. I’d left school lacking confidence. No self-worth and generally scared of the world.

After working with Di to improve my overall well-being, my life has done a complete 180 and I am now physically and emotionally in tune with myself and my body. This has allowed me to take my ideas and form a business that is emotionally and financially fulfilling.

Starting a business at 18 was daunting to say the least. Di helped me to gain the self-worth and confidence but mostly to value myself which in turn made me value my business ideas. Each time I look to grow and expand my business I have a consultation with Di. She never fails to give me the confidence boost I need.

Now I’m a sought after design consultant with my products in retail outlets across the country and my designs are in boutique hotels and country restaurants. Thanks to Di at 26 years old I’m financially secure.

I never knew the significance that my emotions had on my business, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without being able to, not only control, but have a new go to feeling of confidence, belief, value, trust and knowing my self-worth.
Harry Harrison, Handmade by H Country Designs. (05.2024)

More from our clients


“I have felt a profound change that I cannot begin to understand or explain.

But, again we don’t need to know the why, we can just enjoy the “new old you. This is how I feel - Empowered to change – if I can only convey a fraction of the wonderment of discovery that I am feeling, then I feel I will have done Di’s work justice”.

(Sally G. 2018) READ MORE

"Changed my life."

This amazing lady has helped change my life for the better in so many ways. Can't thank her enough! (Lisa Garland 2022)

"More Confidence, More Relaxed."

I have suffered with anxiety for a very long time and over the years I have spent several hours in GP offices seeking help. I have tried several conventional methods from counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to medication, however, despite all of these interventions the anxiety never completely disappeared, it was always part of me and would often build and build especially during stressful periods. Six months ago I was at the end of my tether. Having exhausted all of the recommended treatments, Although sceptical, I felt I had nothing to lose. I had no idea what the cause of my anxieties were, but was assured it didn't matter. I'm so glad I put my trust in the process, three sessions on and I am a different person, in fact I noticed the changes in my behaviour immediately after the first session. We are actually getting to the bottom of my anxieties and therefore are dealing with them appropriately. Can't recommend Supporting Change enough. (Ms D – 2019)

"Deeper Understanding"

Amazing courses and support if you are looking to have a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. Invaluable skills for everyday life and for discovering a deeper meaning to all that is! (Lorna H. 2019)

"Feeling Good, Pain Gone."

"I'm made up, highly recommended to whoever wants to try. I'd been over tired and energy depleted over time, my back's been painful for years.

After working with Di the pain has gone. She was intuitive and tailored to me and my friends. It was insightful.

Afterwards I felt great, I slept better and the next day my back was still good. When you learn more about how the world and our life works, you can learn more, no pain.

I loved working with Di, I want more." (June C. 2022)

"Flying Phobia"

“I’ve just had another session with Di, I’m really apprehensive about flying, going on holiday in the next couple of weeks, finding out the root cause of me being so frightened stems back to my childhood of me going to school. Nothing to do with Flying it was from the age of 4, chasing my teacher around the table crying my eyes out, I didn’t want to be there and then crying my eyes out again in the session today. I felt distressed, anxiety, my chest was aching and I was so emotional. After Di’s session I feel totally looking forward to my holiday. I feel more relaxed, I feel less anxiety and hopefully my emotional detox is really really going to help me. I feel great.” UPDATE after her holiday. “The plane to Vegas was fine, then we caught the next one to LA, we stayed there for 3 days and the flight was cancelled so we had to catch one to New York to get home. I can’t believe how much flying I’ve done, it didn’t bother me at, in fact I’d forgotten that I was apprehensive at all – amazing. “ (Shirley 2024)


"Gosh, I wasn't expecting that Di! Quite mind blowing!

Thank you so much for your incredible patience and insight"

(Anon. 2021)

"Fear and self-confidence"

“I recommend Di Merrick so highly………..

she does amazing work, she’s helped me , in ways I could have never imagined!

From dealing with past experiences, family issues, love, feeling worthless, lacking self-confidence. If anyone struggles with anything no matter how small , she takes the weight off your shoulders.” (C. H. 2023)


After the very first session, I felt very different, like I’d had layers lifted from me.

I felt lighter, able to cope better with my situation, the second session increased again.

I’d had 6 months of bereavement counselling before, which helped but I still knew I was still holding onto grief.

I feel at peace now and feel acceptance as I worked through my grief relating to the loss of mum and dad, but the most profound realisation was that I was also grieving my brother who is still alive. He’d immigrated 27 years ago and I had no idea I was still grieving him not being around.

I highly recommend Di, don’t waste any more time thinking about how you’re going to deal with it. Contact Di, I’m so glad I did. (Yvonne Jeffries 2022)

Working with Di has been incredible.

I lost my brother back in 1996, and both my parents in 2011. At the time my parents were ill and then died I had incredible support and bereavement counselling at the hospice that cared for them.

The counselling I thought at the time good, but now realise how much hurt and anxiety I was holding onto. How much it has impacted me. Just talking didn’t allow me to really let go.

Di helped me to release this. I will always be so grateful for her help and support. (Maria P. 2022)

Grief - after first session.

Di, You do have an amazing gift. I didn’t drink and had a decent nights sleep. Only waking twice. Look forward to Monday ✨⭐✨

Thank you 🙏 x

Less than a year before working with Di I lost my mother. This was by far the most earth shattering of losses in my life, a life that had already experienced many very close and personal losses.

For the first time I decided to reach out for some help in navigating and taming the tsunami of emotions that would often overwhelm me, rendering me unable to function normally.

Working with Di was a no brainer - I felt completely comfortable and supported in the safe space she created for our sessions. To say that the sessions went deep would be an understatement. Through Di’s unique abilities I journeyed back through the years of my life uncovering and releasing layers of grief and hurt that went beyond the loss of my mother but that all definitely contributed to the enormity of what I was experiencing through losing her. Thanks to working with Di I am able to reflect on the themes in my life much more objectively rather than dive into the pain, hurt, low self worth and guilt that would have been triggered in the past.

In the course of 18 months since losing my mother I have also lost four more very special people from my life. Had I not done the work with Di I doubt that I would have been able to move into a state of acceptance as well as I have. As someone who has always had a very strong inner critic and run the themes of guilt about not being enough, not doing enough etc. that has been a major achievement. I can for the most part sit in the presence of the losses and feel the love and gratitude that I have for those that touched and shared parts of my life with me.

Of course I miss my mother’s physical presence - deeply, and maybe that will never go away, but I now have the tools to lean into the less constructive emotions when they come up and change the experience of them to acceptance, grace and love.

There are times in our lives when we just can’t and shouldn’t do it “all on our own”! The hardest step for me was accepting that I needed some help. Once that step was taken Di provided the structure, support and her unique expertise that guided me safely through the release of more than I knew was there! If you are reading this because you are also navigating the complexities and overwhelm of grief and trying to decide what to do, know that you are not alone. Journeying through it with Di’s help was the best thing I did, and could be for you too. Be kind to yourself xx Sylvana


“I haven’t off loaded this much before ever, since my sessions with Di I feel so much more happier, I’ve let go of so much. I feel so much more willing and positive". (K.A.2021)

"Low mood"

“She has helped me so much, in the past, I was at my lowest ever! She picked me up and helped me deal with so much”.

Judith Willett (May 2023)


Di has help me start to change my mindset of myself and the world around me, I did the positivity list for 30 days and I can say it has help, I am trying to continue with it especially when I feel low and I will continue to work with Di as she has helped my mental health so much.

(Becky Nichols 2022)

"Moving on with my life"

What can i say...Di has helped, supported and gave me the tools to move on with my life. When Jane 'found' me, i was not in a good place and together with others they have both got me out of the dark place i was in. Di's workshops i have attended have aided me in dealing with the pain and hurt i was experiencing at that time. I have read Di's book and she has changed my mind in my thinking of 'Law of Attraction' ha ha Di, well done you but seriously she is one top lady, very special and i will always be thankful for having her in my life xxx (Lou Lou 2018)


“This was mind-blowing. I sat mesmerized and with tentative disbelief watched, and listened, to her munching through the whole bag. I simply can’t express how in-awe I was of how this felt. I can’t stress how stunned I am by my new ‘normal’ state.

A year on it has significantly changed my life, improved all my relationships, made me a much more easy-going, pleasant person to be around; this is a great example of how it’s possible (and easy) to change something that's been ‘my normal’ for as long as I could remember.”

Paul C (2020) READ MORE

"New things – you’ll never regret it."

Take this wonderful, life changing journey. You will never regret it xx

“Even the promise of sweets wouldn’t entice me into the shop by myself. This has been the path I have taken all my life so far. Following work with Di that’s all changed. I was starting a new yoga class and I happened to say to my husband “I’m feeling a bit nervous about my first visit” to which he replied “what have you got to be nervous about, you’ve done lots of new things in the last few months”. This is just one testament to the exceptional work these guys do. Thank you xx (Sally Green 2019)


“Dealing with psoriasis most my life, using lotions and potions to try fix a problem. I met Di, she has helped me in more ways I could imagine! Di made me realise I needed to release emotionally, in all sorts of ways I didn’t realise. From anxiety, pain, anger, frustration, feeling let down with broken promises! She’s made me see that I built a great big brick wall of defence…… Di taught me to let go……. Be happy. It’s taught me I’d say that, it’s pretty much emotional. There was No difference or change in lotions or diet, purely emotional. Honestly, I’ve gone from every steroid cream, gel, even been offered chemotherapy drugs for autoimmune system on NHS. It’s scary when a few sessions with you has helped so much more, not just for my skin on the outside. Di you’ve helped me in so many different ways I could write a book.” (Carlie 2020) READ MORE

"Physical Condition Gone."

About 6 months ago I Contacted Supporting Change went to see Di, not knowing what to expect but with an open heart and mind. I’d got some issues going on which were causing me to be very stressed and anxious. One of the ways this was showing itself was when I sat down of an evening to watch some television, my leg was constantly bouncing up and down. Now please bear in mind, although the severity of this is quite recent, I have always had this particular symptom for some years. It even happened at work whilst I was on the phone. Needless to say, it was getting on my family’s nerves because it was shaking things making them rattle. I was very often not even aware I was doing it.

So, here I am not knowing what to expect but trusting Di completely. She worked with me and I haven’t done the bouncing since!!!! Ask Di for help, you will not regret it. I felt 10 feet tall afterwards. On returning to Di for another matter, she commented on how my leg has not bounced once. I’d completely forgotten about it and what it was like. I don’t understand how this simple process works, I just had faith in Di to help me. We don’t need to know the why, that’s the beauty of it, we can just glory in the new!!! It’s so simple, but my goodness the effect is profound and life changing. It’s so liberating. This is just one of my journeys with Di and I’m sure I will have many more. You will have your own journeys – enjoy them!!!!

(Sally.G  May 2018)


“now I have the tools to work through these myself thanks to Di's amazing work. I'll be forever grateful, Di has changed my life xx”

(C. Hillion. 2020)


“I was struggling with the relationship with my daughter, and you helped me realise that what had happened in my younger years was reflecting in what had happened with my daughter and myself. I had a issues within the family, with emotional torment, feeling left out, mentally shattered and drained. Working with Di, I realised I was putting this burden onto my daughter through the fact that the rest of the family had put it onto me. Doing the detox with Di through this, I was crying my eyes out, realising what they’d done to me but secondly what I’d passed onto my daughter. Now looking at the bigger picture I now know that you need to sort yourself out, mentally, physically emotionally, talking to Di who can help you get over this grief. My relationship with my daughter is now much better since. It’s mega, so much better, it’s amazing really, because we didn’t have a good relationship for a few years really. Because it’s the battle of two women banging our heads, after that now it’s great, we’ve got a fantastic relationship and it’s just amazing, so thanks Di for everything you’ve done for us.” (Shirley M. 2024)


“I’m really happy, I’m more positive, I understand where I didn’t before, where I would feel sad and hurt and almost numb, I feel I have let go of all that, I remember the good.”

(Lauren 2022)


“When you learn more about how the world and our life works, you can learn to adjust your mental and physical behaviour to be more in alignment with it, and creative a happier environment for yourself."

(Lauren 2022)

"Sleep and Energy Improved."

I cannot believe the difference that my first telephone session with Supporting Change and Di has made to me. She talked me through a simple, very effective technique and the results have been amazing. My quality of sleep has improved, I feel like a weight has been removed from my shoulders, giving me a more positive outlook on life, new energy and self-motivation.

Di tells me that changes will continue for a couple of weeks, and I am confident that I can continue to improve how I feel by changing my thoughts. Thank you Di.

I can't believe how much better I'm feeling and can see that I'm approaching life from a different, more positive perspective. My stress and anxiety levels have lowered considerably, despite a challenging week at work.

I feel that I'm the beginning of a new journey and I'm looking forward to seeing where it takes me! (Vanessa H - March 2017)

"Self confidence, Anxiety and Stress."

After my supporting change session with Di, I've been able to do something that I'd never been able to do before 'be true to myself' I didn't even know what that felt like. I'm 34 yrs old and for as long as I can remember I've had issues with self-confidence, anxiety and stress. As I didn't know any different I just thought it was part of me and learnt to live with it. Until just recently when things got too much for me to continue ignoring them! So Di suggested a session with her. I can't find the words to describe how it felt at the time but I can say that I felt an instant change. I felt 'lighter' and more relaxed. I was more in tune with myself and for the first time didn't have all the negative stuff floating round my head, holding me back anymore! I've already started to see big changes in my life and people are being different towards me. I am more positive and it's helped me find out who I really am. I still have the odd 'blip' but it's no where near as bad and now I have the tools to work through these myself thanks to Di's amazing work. I'll be forever grateful, Di has changed my life xx (Beverly U.   - March 2016)

"Stress and Anxiety"

"Before I met Di (who came recommended highly) I was holding onto last situations that caused me pain and anxiety in terms of stress, a feeling of lack of control, deep self-confidence issues and a general lack of lust for life. Working with Di taught me how to let go of the build-up of stress, thoughts and emotions and allow me to gain control of my life again.” (L.J. 2022)

"Financial Stress"

“In 2016 I started working with Di. During this time I was buying a new house and was particularly concerned about making my mortgage repayments each month, I found that it was taking away the fun and excitement of buying my new house and the worry of such a big mortgage was keeping me awake at night. Whilst doing the workshop I took part in a Hidden Energy Release Technique, where i focused on letting go of my worry. After completing the release I felt like a different person, I no longer worry about my mortgage payments at all. I write this 18 months later not recognising how I felt. I have recently started full time work, in fact I didn't even have to look for it as it was offered to me.

Huge thanks to Di for taking me through the process I can now live without that worry.” (Angela P -May 2016)


Through my work as a Wellness Consultant, I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Di.

Di was recruited as part of a team of experts to work on a complex case. It was clearly evident from the time Di began working the patient that immediate improvements were noted and this continued throughout the course of the treatments.

In the patient’s own words “I haven’t off loaded this much before ever, since my sessions with Di I feel so much more happier, I’ve let go of so much. I feel so much more willing and positive".

The results of Dis work have been above all expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend her. It was really an honor to work alongside her and to be mentored by her.

On a personal level, after only a couple of sessions with Di and a joint session with Di and Nikki I’ve had major breakthroughs. Nikki & Di have guided me safely with kindness, compassion and professionalism. I will forever be grateful for their guidance, support and friendship.

Thank you so much for all that you've done. Deeply inspired with Gratitude. THANX sooooooooooooo Much Cara xxxxx (2021)

"Worth Your Weight in GOLD"

"Before I met Di (who came recommended highly) I was holding onto last situations that caused me pain and anxiety in terms of stress, a feeling of lack of control, deep self-confidence issues and a general lack of lust for life.

Working with Di taught me how to let go of the build up stress, thoughts and emotions and allow me to gain control of my life again. Di used her tailored emotional release techniques. We don’t close the door on the past, we just learn to accept and live with it, in a way that allows us to live our life with a new and different perspective. Very grateful to have met Di. Very comforting and helpful, any time and place. Worth her weight in gold".

(L.J. 2022).