Fears, Phobias & Feeling Good

"Feeling Good, Pain Gone."

"I'm made up, highly recommended to whoever wants to try. I'd been over tired and energy depleted over time, my back's been painful for years.

After working with Di the pain has gone. She was intuitive and tailored to me and my friends. It was insightful.

Afterwards I felt great, I slept better and the next day my back was still good. When you learn more about how the world and our life works, you can learn more, no pain.

I loved working with Di, I want more." (June C. 2022)

"Flying Phobia"

“I’ve just had another session with Di, I’m really apprehensive about flying, going on holiday in the next couple of weeks, finding out the root cause of me being so frightened stems back to my childhood of me going to school. Nothing to do with Flying it was from the age of 4, chasing my teacher around the table crying my eyes out, I didn’t want to be there and then crying my eyes out again in the session today. I felt distressed, anxiety, my chest was aching and I was so emotional. After Di’s session I feel totally looking forward to my holiday. I feel more relaxed, I feel less anxiety and hopefully my emotional detox is really really going to help me. I feel great.” UPDATE after her holiday. “The plane to Vegas was fine, then we caught the next one to LA, we stayed there for 3 days and the flight was cancelled so we had to catch one to New York to get home. I can’t believe how much flying I’ve done, it didn’t bother me at, in fact I’d forgotten that I was apprehensive at all – amazing. “ (Shirley 2024)


"Gosh, I wasn't expecting that Di! Quite mind blowing!

Thank you so much for your incredible patience and insight"

(Anon. 2021)

"Fear and self-confidence"

“I recommend Di Merrick so highly………..

she does amazing work, she’s helped me , in ways I could have never imagined!

From dealing with past experiences, family issues, love, feeling worthless, lacking self-confidence. If anyone struggles with anything no matter how small , she takes the weight off your shoulders.” (C. H. 2023)