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Di Merrick

The Emotional Mastery Mentor, Di Merrick, is an international healer, global speaker, author and Founder of the world’s most life-changing emotional detox process that results in Emotional Mastery. Di believes that too many people are living their lives in a holding pattern of emotional and physical pain. It is causing depression, disease and destroyed self-worth that is devastating their lives and stealing their future, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Having worked in the field for over 20 years, Di knows that once you let go of emotional default patterns, you free yourself and your mind to liberate your true self and know what’s right for you.

That’s why she is on a mission to take her Emotional Mastery program to people all over the world who are ready to live pain free, trigger free, and be the person they want to be.

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A nurtured religious childhood gave her love and stability, then with a desire for independence and money she left school and began her work-life. Career after career was accomplished and then left behind as her need for change continued to keep her mind active. As the years rolled by, she married and became a mum. This lead to

another opportunity to change direction, so after the birth of her son, she went back to education and became a qualified teacher achieving a first class honours degree in primary education.

Little was she aware at the time when she went to live in a rural county in England that the house move was to change not only her lifestyle but her life. A cold November evening, over 20 years ago was to catapult her into an emotional wreak. The trauma that unfolded from that day was most definitely unwanted, but what she found after that was a purpose, that she is sharing with you today. She was chief witness in a criminal case that was to last over 2 years, culminating in the case being heard at the highest court in England, the House of Lords. She wasn’t allowed any professional help until the case was closed. So apart from that first night contacting an emergency help line who directed her to social services and the police – she was alone.

The helplessness that overwhelmed her during those first few months was a cloud that wouldn’t go away, and yet she still needed to function. So she created a box to hide her emotions, she wore the look that perpetually said I’m fine. Inside she knew she wasn’t.

Enduring 2 years of triggers, that seemed everywhere, what people innocently said, watching tv, or the news even led to anxiety, smells were triggers, memories kept playing back and then the dates and events that kept the trauma alive.

Her trauma resulted in panic attacks, where the cold shivers froze her to the spot whilst her mind was telling her to run and yet her legs couldn't move. She felt like her whole world was collapsing.

Di knew she needed help, but there was nowhere to turn. She recalls that it was hard to sleep, hard to meditate, hard to let go. Then she focussed on what she could, and not live in constant stress. She found a way, she created a technique. After the first release she recalled the feeling of relief; she was going to be ok. Di had created a life-changing technique that was to change not only her life but the lives of so many.

She called the technique, Emotional Release, she had found a way of healing emotions, she had found a way of releasing unwanted emotions and replacing them.

During those traumatic years she found her life easier as her emotional release was having a domino effect, releasing emotional defaults in many other areas of her life.

Di became a healer of international acclaim, she coaches business clients, but her passion is emotional change. After sharing her understanding and processes with others, it led her to write her book, ‘It Will Come To You’, and formulate workshops and processes to empower others. Her passion is to support You to feel better and change any aspect of your life, easily and instantly.

Let her teach you how to live pain free, trigger free and be the person you want to be.

If you want to change how you feel instantly with a simple method, then reach out, you won't regret it.

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