Physical Conditions Gone

"Physical Condition Gone."

About 6 months ago I Contacted Supporting Change went to see Di, not knowing what to expect but with an open heart and mind. I’d got some issues going on which were causing me to be very stressed and anxious. One of the ways this was showing itself was when I sat down of an evening to watch some television, my leg was constantly bouncing up and down. Now please bear in mind, although the severity of this is quite recent, I have always had this particular symptom for some years. It even happened at work whilst I was on the phone. Needless to say, it was getting on my family’s nerves because it was shaking things making them rattle. I was very often not even aware I was doing it.

So, here I am not knowing what to expect but trusting Di completely. She worked with me and I haven’t done the bouncing since!!!! Ask Di for help, you will not regret it. I felt 10 feet tall afterwards. On returning to Di for another matter, she commented on how my leg has not bounced once. I’d completely forgotten about it and what it was like. I don’t understand how this simple process works, I just had faith in Di to help me. We don’t need to know the why, that’s the beauty of it, we can just glory in the new!!! It’s so simple, but my goodness the effect is profound and life changing. It’s so liberating. This is just one of my journeys with Di and I’m sure I will have many more. You will have your own journeys – enjoy them!!!!

(Sally.G  May 2018)