Health & Mindset


“I haven’t off loaded this much before ever, since my sessions with Di I feel so much more happier, I’ve let go of so much. I feel so much more willing and positive". (K.A.2021)

"Low mood"

“She has helped me so much, in the past, I was at my lowest ever! She picked me up and helped me deal with so much”.

Judith Willett (May 2023)


Di has help me start to change my mindset of myself and the world around me, I did the positivity list for 30 days and I can say it has help, I am trying to continue with it especially when I feel low and I will continue to work with Di as she has helped my mental health so much.

(Becky Nichols 2022)

"Moving on with my life"

What can i say...Di has helped, supported and gave me the tools to move on with my life. When Jane 'found' me, i was not in a good place and together with others they have both got me out of the dark place i was in. Di's workshops i have attended have aided me in dealing with the pain and hurt i was experiencing at that time. I have read Di's book and she has changed my mind in my thinking of 'Law of Attraction' ha ha Di, well done you but seriously she is one top lady, very special and i will always be thankful for having her in my life xxx (Lou Lou 2018)