Emotional Mastery

(£140 monthly instalments for 12 months or £1500 paid in full)

Are you ready for change? This is the course for You.

Changing how you feel changes everything.

You can gain more energy and you can change your bank balance, but you can’t gain more time.

We all have the same amount of time but no one knows our departure date. So it’s what we do with that time that is important. Isn’t it time you felt good All the Time? There is never a better time to feel good, don’t wait, join us now. How does Emotional mastery work? Our bodies store emotions and the strong emotions emitted in that moment in time, if they are not released will remain with us for life. This is positive and negative emotions, it works both ways. We are meant to experience emotions because they provide feedback for our thoughts, which influence every aspect of our lives. But what if your emotional feedback is set on a default pattern from a long time ago? What has stopped you, what has limited you, what has punished you, what has devastated you? The simple answer – Your Emotional Default Patterns. You see today everyone talks about the mind to resolve issues, how we must think positively, how we must be focussed, how we must change the way we think, how we must be happy, and many more advise that is given. But changing how you think is hard work – WHY? Because you’ve got feedback telling you differently. You know you’re lying to yourself if you say something that’s not true, because you feel it. There’s never a ‘perfect’ time to embark on Emotion Change, the Right Time is NOW.

With Your Emotional Change program, You have access to Di and her team weekly, live via zoom and a monthly drop in Saturday. These sessions are recorded so you’ll also have the flexibility to dedicate as much or as little time as you need to navigate your personal journey.

Our comprehensive on-line library begins with an introduction that explains how this program is designed to facilitate lasting change and where you can access support along your journey.

At the core of this program is Di’s proprietary, ‘YOUR EMOTIONAL RELEASE™’ technique that Di developed over 20 years ago. This powerful tool, detoxes Emotions and provides a foundation for Fast, Easy and Lasting Change.

Each week you’ll explore a different emotion, allowing you to delve into a deeper level of your personal growth.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to Di Merrick’s rapid ‘ANGER RELEASE’ technique, equipping you with a practical strategy to dissolve anger quickly and effectively when needed.

Recognising the profound impact of Fear, Di has included her FEAR RELEASE technique and a FEAR RESOLVING MEDITATION. These resources are designed to help you release layers of fear, using a fast easy solution. As a member of Your Emotional Change program, you’ll also be invited to join our Private What’s App Support group where Di and her dedicated team are available to provide personalised guidance and support throughout the process Invest in yourself and unlock your full potential with Your Emotional Mastery™ program. This yearlong program is designed to achieve Emotional Mastery and a deeper level of understanding yourself, so that you can Know Yourself inside and out. Two private personalised sessions are offered for each individual, one at commencement of the program and another at a time to suit you.

Start your transformation today and experience the freedom that comes with Emotional Mastery.