Your Emotional Transformation:- Heal, Grow and Thrive (255 per month x 3, or £699 paid in full.)

Our Emotional Transformation programs are designed to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to address specific emotional challenges, that are holding you back form being the person you want to be.

These 12-week programs are a deeper level of detox that are tailored to different issues, one course is run in-person live via zoom every 3 months. Each specific Emotional Challenge will have a waiting list for participants to be considered on these programs. Start dates to be confirmed.

Childhood Trauma: gain a deeper level of emotional healing, using Di’s Your Emotional Release™ technique to resolve the adverse childhood experiences and find yourself and be the person you want to be.

Grief: Grief is not just one emotion, it is an umbrella of emotions that entangle themselves into the cavern of grief. This program explores the complex emotional patterns of loss to find a peace; this program is more than acceptance, for many if offers a deeper resolution that allows the loving memories to prevail without sadness or despair. The Grief program honours you and your loved ones to live your life feeling tranquil and for many finding your purpose.

Fear and Phobia’s: you don’t have to feel afraid to hold fear. Fear can be hidden controlling your life, the sense of insecurity or not wanting to go there or do that. In this program we cover all Fears, Fear of Abandonment, Fear of Change, Failure, Success or Public Speaking and many more. Overcoming fears with emotions and not mind enables a fast resolution to free yourself and pursue your dreams. Finding Yourself: Not Fitting In / Not Feeling Good Enough: Navigate the pathways to find the root cause of the predominant feeling where you may feel not accepted or included, where you feel that no matter what you do you’re never good enough. Many of these

patterns are formed in childhood and they’re not your fault. This program unleashes confidence, self-acceptance and a sense of belonging that has been buried for too long.

For each of these programs there are various intakes throughout the year, you can join the waiting list and apply for one of the places, please indicate your preferred course, to receive updates and start dates.

Each Emotional Transformation program includes a personal one-on-one session with Di or an experienced mentor. This personalised session allows us to understand your unique circumstances and needs to provide tailored guidance.

In addition, you’ll participate in 12 weekly live mentorship meetings conducted via zoom. These sessions will be recorded, ensuring you never miss valuable content if you’re unable to attend live.

To foster a strong sense of community and ongoing support, we offer a monthly zoom drop-in session on Saturday (date to be confirmed), where you can connect, ask questions or support those on a similar journey or receive additional guidance as needed. Take the first step towards your Emotional Mastery, growth and personal transformation by joining our waiting list today.